Pulsar Thermal Zeroing Target

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Heated targets for simple and precise zeroing-in of a thermal imaging riflescope. Select 1 pack or 10 pack option. 

Quantity in the box: 
- 10 pcs. paper target size: 30 x 30 cm 
- 10 pcs. carbon activated heating pads with adhesive side: 40 mm (heated surface)

Duration of pad remaining hot: 10-20 min, on cold surfaces (depends on weather conditions)

Please follow 10 steps for successful usage of heated targets:

• The heat pack is air-activated, do not open the pad packaging until you are ready to use it.
• Open the packaging and take out the heat pad.
• Note! Do not cut or damage the heat pad while taking it out.
• Remove the paper strip from the back side of the heat pad to expose the adhesive surface.
• Stick the heat pad with the adhesive side to the center of the paper target marked with circle.
• Note! There is no need to shake the heat pad, it will warm itself up in 3-5 minutes.
• Attach the paper target to the desired location.
• Aim at the heated pad with a thermal imaging scope mounted on the firearm and optimize thermal view, so that thermal pad is clearly visible.
• Perform zeroing procedure as described in the user manual of your thermal imaging device.
• With the help of the round shape and small diameter of the pad, deviations of point of impact can be eliminated in just a few shots.

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