Gun City Warranty GENERAL Information:

a) Gun City Ltd reserves the right to withhold or refuse warranty service whilst the purchaser's credit account is in arrears.
b) All products purchased from Gun City Ltd are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please check the warranty reference from manufacturers.
c) Gun City Ltd will provide warranty service only in respect to products that were supplied by Gun City Ltd.
d) No warranty is expressed or implied as to the quality or fitness of the products for any particular purpose or otherwise.
e) Gun City Ltd will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the purchaser or to any other person or to the property of the purchaser or any other person arising out of the use or possession of the Products.
f) Note, that in all circumstances the Manufacturers warranty is void if:
There is evidence of improper configuration.
There is evidence of water damage.
There is evidence of physical abuse, any item damaged in transit should be reported as soon as received. Please read Product Returns section below for further instructions.
There is evidence of misuse including accidental or intentional abuse.
There is evidence of previous repair by another repair centre other than Gun City approved repairers.
There is no record of purchase from Gun City. We will do our best to look for your sales information, but ultimately it is your responsibility to retain your sales receipt.

Internal WARRANTY:

Warranty conditions are set to ensure reasonable wear on the product. Rough use and misuse of products are not covered under warranty (as above). Not following product care instructions is considered misuse of the product. Rough use is considered any direct, indirect consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product.
Warranty does not cover; fire, theft, intentional breakage, modification or customization, or damage during assembly. Lost parts are not covered under warranty for all products.

We reserve the right to determine whether to repair or replace any of our products covered by this warranty, and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colours and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

Any of our products that fail due to misuse, negligence or normal wear-and-tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost to the customer.

External Warranty:

Some manufacturers need to assess the product before the warranty claim will be accepted. 
If the manufacture requires the product to be sent overseas for assessment (i.e. Leupold, Bushnell, Cold Steel, FLIR etc). The freight cost must be covered by the owner. The average freight cost is about $80 for a “scope” sized product. (Sometimes the freight cost can be shared with other returns) If the manufacture finds that the product is faulty due to misuse. The manufacture will either offer to repair, or if not economical to repair offer to replace the item. The cost of repair or replacement must be covered by the owner.  Please make sure you understand the manufactures warranty prior to making a claim.

LOWA: All Lowa Warranty Claims must have THIS form filled out. Boots MUST be supplied cleaned and free of dirt/mud prior to courier

Warranty time periods / Conditions:


12 Months (product dependant - check HERE for more info)

24 Months standard warranty on Optics and Cameras
30 Year warranty on select models
Limited Lifetime Warranty if registered within 30 days of purchase

LED Lenser:
7 years on 2017 products
5 years on the 2016 and prior

Lifetime Warranty
(please note: if the scope is deemed by Leupold, to have been mistreated leading to fault, then replacement parts will be charged to product owner)

24 Month Warranty - Washing instructions must be followed or warranty will be void

Air Chief:
12 Months

12 Months - broken rods and threads are not covered by warranty

Boston Security Safes:
12 Months - lost keys are not covered under warranty

Gun City:
12 Months

12 Months - If damage occurs due to loose attachment of the suppressor to the gun, it will not be covered
All over barrel silencers MUST have a rear silencer bushing

12 Months - Gumboots are not suitable for use on dairy farms as manure rots some elements. Boots used on dairy farms will not be covered under warranty

Night Saber:
12 Months - Any DIY modifications to spotlights will void the warranty i.e. changing plugs, adaptors. The cords cannot be cut or extended on Night Saber Spotlights

Outdoor Outfitters:
12 Months
Batteries: must be kept charged due to Ni-MH memory. Must be fully charged at least every 2 months
Clay Throwers: are not for commercial use only personal. Commercial use will void warranty
Cleaning Kits: broken rods and threads not covered
Decoys: Battery powered decoys are for freshwater use only, and must be cleaned and stored dry. Supplied battery chargers must be used and may be requested during warranty process. Loss of wings or wing attachements not covered.
Dog Items: Chewed and UV damaged items not covered
Safes: Lost keys are not covered under warranty
Paintball: O'rings, faulty valves and burst discs are not covered
Pest Traps: Rust and commercial use not covered

Scopes: Stripped threads not covered
Targets: Must be shot with the specified calibre - any damage caused by larger impacts due to larger calibres  is not covered
Torches: Batteries and stripped threads are not covered

10 Years - Optics
12 Months for all other items unless specified

Stag Creek:
12 Months - Lost keys are not covered under warranty. Keys can be obtained for your safe from the supplier, provided you have the serial number of your safe recorded

Thermal Imaging:
Most makers are 24 months on the unit and 12 months on the battery if a battery is included. Warranty may be void if used commercially.


Other brands not listed either refer to manufacturer website or enquire with one of our salespeople.