Gun City can ship internationally to most countries. If you are allowed the item in your country we should be able to ship it! We work regularly with MFAT (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) who will issue us with export permits.

Commitment to export and import regulations:

All sales and shipping must fully comply with your country's law. We will not assist or enable circumvention of export regulations, including concealment of the nature of goods, transshipments or straw purchases.

You are responsible to ensure that the ordered item is legal for import into your country and that you are authorized to import it. We reserve the right to pass up any export opportunity if we suspect a violation of NZ or your country's law or if we are not certain of the legality of the export.

Export licenses are required for firearms, parts/accessories and ammo:

Firearms, their components/parts/accessories/attachments (including scopes) and their ammunition require an export license:

The fee for the export license application is $150NZD per order (no matter if the order includes 1 item of this category or more) or free with orders over $2500NZD.

Export license application:

Required documentation for application of export licenses:

1. Formal Order complete with goods required.

2. Import permission from your end, this will normally include: Firearms or Dealers Licence and some form of import permission from the firearms or customs office.


We have an experienced and qualified international shipper for firearms, parts and ammunition for commercial quantities. We quote CIF door - airport.

We cannot ship firearms or parts of via the postal service. We must use an airfreight service.

As ammunition, powder and primers are considered dangerous goods, they can be very difficult to ship to some destinations.

For articles other than firearms, parts/accessories and ammo, we can use non-trackable postal options, courier services and commercial shippers.

Ordering & Payment:

Please indicate the stock item number, quantity and your name and address with any inquiries and orders. Send your inquiries and orders to

We charge price of ordered items, shipping and, where required, an export license fee.

Prepayment via bank wire transfer only.

Import links, by country:


Firearms and Weapons Import Introduction:

Schedule 6/ Requirements for the importation of firearms, firearm accessories, firearm parts, firearms magazines, ammunition, components of ammunition and imitations:

Import permit B709 NSW:

Import permit B709 NT:

Import permit B709 QLD:

Import permit B709 SA:

Import permit B709 TAS:

Import permit B709 VIC:

Import permit B709 WA:


International Import Certificate:

Importing a firearm into Canada:

Importing a firearm into Canada FAQs:

Customs tariff 2012:


Importation en provenance d'un pays tiers ou d'un territoire d'outre-mer/Armes et munitions de 1ère et 4ème catégories:

Demande d'autorisation d'importation de materiels de guerre, armes et munitions CERFA 11192*02:

Tarif des douanes:


Zoll: Verbringung and Mitnahme von Waffen:

Antrag auf Verbringung:


Importacion/Permiso extraordinario:


Material de defensa: importacion:


Import License Application Form ILB1 - Firearms and Ammunition:

Firearms - Imports: Overall controls and policies: