Gun City FAQs, & Help Zone


How do I get my firearms license?

For a step-by-step process on how to obtain a standard Firearms Licence please go to the Firearms Safety Authority here


What items require a firearms licence?

All firearms, firearm parts (stocks, silencers, magazines, sights, integral parts, etc.) and ammunition require a Firearms Licence. 


Can you ship firearms to my house?

No. We can, however, ship firearms to another Gun City branch or arms dealer with their receiving permission - Shipping from Gun City to an outside arms dealer requires a police mail order form to be completed.


Can you ship ammunition to my house?

Yes, as long as your address isn't rural. We also can't ship ammunition to PO boxes. See here for how to order ammunition online


Why can't you ship ammunition to my rural address?

This is because, by law, the courier must be dangerous goods certified to handle/carry this kind of goods. Our couriers have to hand these items over to rural drivers and most rural drivers are not certified to carry dangerous goods. Therefore our courier company will no longer provide this service for us. This also applies to blanks, CO₂ powerlets, green gas, and aerosols.


Why is there no shipping option for powder?

Unfortunately, due to a recent change in law, our courier company will not ship powder anymore.


Do I need to be over 18 to purchase a BB gun, Blank gun, Slingshot, Paintball gun or Crossbow?

Yes. You need to be over the age of 18 to purchase these items. Or if you are between the age of 16-17 and hold a Firearms Licence, this is also accepted.


Do I need a Firearms Licence to purchase blanks?

No. You do not need a Firearms Licence to purchase blanks.


Can you ship to a rural address?

Yes. We can ship most items to a rural address except ammunition, firearms, blanks, green gas, CO₂ powerlets, and aerosols.


How do I return an item?

Please contact the Salesmen that you purchased the item from and they will discuss the return with you.


Does Gun City purchase secondhand firearms or ammunition?

We buy and trade in secondhand firearms. We can also trade in ammunition that is 'new' and has not been opened. Please note that we do not buy custom hand-loaded ammunition for reasons of safety. Prices for trade-ins can only be given in-store upon the physical valuation of the item/s. 


How do I track my online order?

You will be sent an email with the tracking details when your order is shipped. If you haven't seen this in your inbox please check your junk mail before getting in touch.


Can I pick up my online order from my nearest store?

Yes. As long as the item is in stock in your nearest store you can pick it up. When you purchase online, during the checkout process there is an option to pick up in-store. PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to show your ID and the card used for payment in-store.


Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, please click here for all warranty info.


Did we answer your question? If not, please contact us on 03 379 8888 or [email protected]