Gun City FAQ's, and Help Zone

Reasons to buy off Gun City: 
* NZs Largest Firearms retailer
* Verified family business you can trust
* We use the items we sell to enhance our own equipment & experiences
* Our feedback lets you know we are passionate about giving good service
* Communication is very important to us, someone will answer your e-mail within hours.
* Full contact on during office hours.
* Years of online sales, real support when you need it most.
* We value your custom and hope you will come back to us soon.

Do you accept Credit Card payments?

Yes, we can accept payment by Visa/Mastercard through our secure online shopping facility, over the phone, or by fax.

Do you accept Q Card?
Yes we do, click here for a list terms and conditions

Do you offer a warranty on products purchased?

Yes, Gun City's warranty terms are:
a) Gun City Ltd reserves the right to withhold or refuse warranty service whilst the purchaser's credit account is in arrears.
b) All products purchased from Gun City Ltd are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please check the warranty reference from manufacturers.
c) Gun City Ltd will provide warranty service only in respect to products that were supplied by Gun City Ltd.
d) No warranty is expressed or implied as to the quality or fitness of the products for any particular purpose or otherwise.
e) Gun City Ltd will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the purchaser or to any other person or to the property of the purchaser or any other person arising out of the use or possession of the Products.
f) Note, that in all circumstances the Manufacturers warranty is void if:
There is evidence of improper configuration.
There is evidence of water damage.
There is evidence of physical abuse, any item damaged in transit should be reported as soon as received. Please read Product Returns section below for further instructions.
There is evidence of misuse including accidental or intentional abuse.
There is evidence of previous repair by another repair center other than Gun City approved repairers.
There is no record of purchase from Gun City. We will do our best to look for your sales information, but ultimately it is your responsibility to retain your sales receipt.