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Is it about time to thread and suppress your rifle? Does your shotgun need a new bead installed? What about a trigger job? Well you've come to the right place!

Gun City Christchurch has a fully equipped workshop to complete all of the tasks you might require.

If you're not Christchurch based, thats not a problem - any of our other stores can take your firearm for gunsmithing, there will just be an extra $20 freight charge to get it to and from Christchurch. If you can't get to a store at all, that's fine too! Just give our Christchurch branch a call (03 379 8888) and we can arrange to receive your firearm and get it worked on!

Most tasks, you should expect to wait a couple of weeks from drop off to collection, although there are some jobs that will require extra time. 

Please see below, for a list of what we can do for you - if there is something else that you want done that you dont see on here, dont panic, there are so many little things we've just compiled a list of the more common jobs!

Please note: prices shown are indicative and can change depending on firearm, parts and other factors


General Cleaning (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

Action Work:
10/22 Action + Trigger
Tikka T3/T3X 1/2 Cock
Trigger Job/Lighten

Throat Work:
Chamber Polish

Sight Installation:
Fitting Mid Bead or End Bead

Scope Mounting and Boresighting:
Mount and Boresight Scope
Boresight Only

Recoil Pad Installation:
Standard Recoil Pad Install
Spacer Installation

Drilling and Tapping
4x Holes 

Glass Bedding & Free Float:
Glass Bed, Free Float and Pillar Bed
Glass Bed and Free Float
Glass Bed Only

Sling Studs/Swivels:
Installation of Sling Studs/Swivels

Barrel Work:
Threading Rifles
Threading AK/SKS
Threading and Match Crowning
Bore Out Fixed Choke (Shotgun)

Stock Work:
Re-checkering of rifle stocks
Other Stock Repairs

Air Rifles:
Re-spring Air Rifle
Sight Mounting (see above 'Scope Mounting and Boresighting')


Priced per job



$80 each (incl bead)


$80 (plus cost of pad)


$89.99 + time spent
$89.99 + time spent
$89.99 + time spent

$20 + studs/swivels

$80 (per barrel)
$200 - $400

Price on Enquiry - Stock + Condition of Stock Dependent
Price on Enquiry - Work and Condition Dependent


To enquire further about any of these services, please contact your nearest Gun City or send us an enquiry from this page: CLICK HERE