Hushpower Neoprene Silencer Cover/Sleeve Black

Buy Hushpower Neoprene Silencer Cover/Sleeve Black in NZ.

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Fits most of our range of hushpower silencers

This cover is available in two sizes 40mm diameter to fit standard silencer or 44mm diameter to magnum sized silencers.

During testing with $50,000 worth of sound equipment, these sleeves successfully reduced the audible noise a further 2 decibels and also change the pitch of the noise (Less “pingy”) which makes it a lot more pleasant for the shooter and any by standers.

Made from Non slip 3mm neoprene easy to fit and remove, non fraying so you can cut it to length. This silencer cover comes in a 32cm / 12.8" length so you have enough to cover a large silencer. The standard will fit all silencer's with a 40mm / 1.57" diameter and the magnum is made to fit larger magnum sized silencers with a 44mm diameter

- Stops heat shimmer
- Protects silencer from the elements
- Reduced risk of burning your hands
- Sound buffer reduces noise a further 2 db.

Length - 32cm approx
Neoprene thickness - 3mm
Finish - Non Slip
Colour - Black
Will Fit - 1-1.5" Diameter Silencer (Standard)
Will Fit - 1-1.7" Diameter Silencer (Magnum)

010987 Standard
010206 Magnum