DTP Total Solution 5-In-1 Gun Oil: 650ml

Buy DTP Total Solution 5-In-1 Gun Oil: 650ml in NZ.

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DTP's Total Solution 5-in-1 Gun Oil is perfect for stopping squeaks, driving out moisture, loosening rusted and corroded parts, and freeing stuck or seized mechanisms. It also cleans and provides a barrier against rust and corrosion. Protect, waterproof, clean, lubricate and free stuck parts with this versatile oil.

• Stop Squeaks: Penetrates and lubricates hinges, castors, springers, taps, handle, windows, pedals, an office chairs.|
• Drives Out Moisture: Drives out water on metal surfaces e.g. electrical contacts, car ignitions, tools (incl.garden), motorcycle engines and outboard motors, and helps start wet engines.
• Cleans and Protects: Dissolves grease, gum, and hard water deposits. Leaves protective film against rust and corrosion on bikes, prams, chrome parts, motorcycles, outboard motors, and tools.
• Loosens Rusted Parts: Thoroughly penetrates and loosens rusted, corroded and seized nuts, bolts, controls, cables, and other fasteners.
• Free Sticky Mechanisms: Un-jams and lubricates door locks, zippers, controls, linkages, and cables.
• 650ml can. Click here for the 250ml cans.

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