ADI AR2217 Rifle Powder

Buy ADI AR2217 Rifle Powder in NZ.

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Please note: Due to courier companies no longer accepting gun powder, this is only available for pick up in the store it is stocked in.

ADI rifle powders are single perforated tubular propellants of single base composition. Australian Munitions’s experience in developing powders for the Australian Defence Force has shown that powders with these characteristics are suitable for use in extreme climatic conditions. Consequently, all the rifle powders have, as a feature, ballistic temperature independence; that is, velocities and pressures do not vary greatly with ambient temperature. This is a unique and major advantage over the performance of other manufacturer’s rifle powders. In addition, the ADI powders all have good loading characteristics with respect to bulk density and uniformity of metering through powder loaders. They are also very clean burning at normal loads.

A fine grained, very slow burning rifle powder, suited for use in most large calibre magnums. 

500 g or 1 kg bottle (while stocks last).

*** You must have a current Firearms Licence to purchase this item. This is now a Gun City requirement for all gun powder purchases. ***

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