300 Blackout Ruger American Ranch with Ranger 1-8x24i Scope & Hushpower Suppressor

Buy 300 Blackout Ruger American Ranch with Ranger 1-8x24i Scope & Hushpower Suppressor in NZ.
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  • 1 x 300 Blackout Ruger American Ranch Blued/Synthetic, Threaded
  • 1 x Ranger 1-8x24i Rifle Scope: Illuminated Ballistic Reticle
  • 1 x Hushpower 30cal 300 5/8x24 Silencer
  • 1 x Gun City Rings 30mm High E3011Q

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Are you wanting a quiet, subsonic rifle? Then .300 Blackout is a great option and a Kiwi favourite. Based on the .223 case, the cartridge is beautiful and small which means the magazines and actions are compact. In most cases, it shares the same magazines and actions as the .223.

This, in turn, means that you carry more ammunition in a smaller magazine than the likes of .308 while still be able to send a 200-240 grain subsonic projectile downrange with the same ability to suppress as a subsonic .308 round. In most cases, the barrel twist from the factory is set up to allow it to be accurate for both subsonic and high-velocity loads.

Powerful enough for hunting most New Zealand game animals, this cartridge is ideal for hunting on properties where you are not wanting to upset neighbours when used with a silencer. Because the subsonic loads are very quiet (similar to a .22 LR using high velocity with a silencer) it will help ensure you don’t scare game off in the distance, increasing your chances of having a greater hunting experience.

The off-the-shelf ammunition options are great; ranging from 110-grain through to 220-grain at prices less than .308. The .300 Blackout is a truly great addition to any Kiwi hunters gun safe.

We've made this handy 300 Blackout rifle even handier! With the addition of a Ranger 1-8x24i scope and a Hushpower suppressor, you'll be ready for anything you meet out in the bush! 300 Blackout suppresses very well and you can easily find subsonic ammunition for it so this package is a great setup for a pig gun or wallaby gun for shooting inside 150m with the subsonic loads.

This package includes:
• Ruger American Ranch rifle in 300 Blackout - RRP $1099
• Ranger 1-8x24i scope - RRP $699
• Hushpower suppressor - RRP $399
• Rings - $39.99

Total RRP: $2237
Our package price: $1949 SAVE $288

The 100% American-made, Ruger American Rifle Ranch is the latest engineering innovation from America`s leading firearms manufacturer. The Ruger American Rifle® combines the rugged reliability of Ruger’`s past with the award-winning ingenuity featured in so many of Ruger’s new products.

The New Ruger Ameican Rifle Ranch in 300 Blackout features a cold hammer-forged threaded barrel, resulting in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity, and easy cleaning.

5/8x24 barrel thread.

Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the Mail Order Form link below:

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