20ga Beretta 486 Parallelo Side-By-Side: 30"

Buy 20ga Beretta 486 Parallelo Side-By-Side: 30" in NZ.

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The surprisingly light and very easy to handle side by side shotgun, the 486 Parallelo, unites the charm of the best gunsmithing tradition of the round body receiver design with modern and innovative technology. It has a new trigger system which delivers fast and crisp trigger pulls. The trigger mechanism is more reliable than ever thanks to the “V” shaped hammer springs which guarantee crisp and fast trigger pulls. 

Redesigned for excellence
Rather than giving an older model a face-lift, Beretta has reintroduced the side by side shotgun in their line-up with a redesigned action, springs, trigger-group and outward appearance. This is a shotgun designed to be as classic as possible in appearance, while incorporating materials and engineering features that make it more durable than anything produced 100 years ago. A true statement of classic taste, the 486 Parallelo is the perfect shotgun for the gentleman or lady hunter.

Round action with lavish scroll engraving
Hunters that are truly knowledgeable in classic shotguns immediately associate a round action with hunts in the Scottish highlands at a time when group hunts of this kind were important social occasions as well as sporting outings. Holding the 486 Parallelo and seeing its action will only cement this association further. Its round action contains only very few straight lines, and looks like it has grown organically together with the stock into something harmonious and beautiful. To the outside, the lines of the action are also complemented by English-style scroll engraving, which also extends to the top lever and trigger-guard.

Top-flight performance
No matter how beautiful, a shotgun is only as useful as how it shoots and holds up. With this in mind, Beretta incorporated new features including new leaf springs in the action to allow for faster and more precise firing pin engagement, for a super-crisp shot let-off; also, a brand new trigger guard that keeps all the moving parts captive, making maintenance a synch. The cold-hammer forged OptimaChoke barrels (3” chamber) are built to be tough and last for generations, and are designed to take every type of shell from target to high-performance. Moreover, Triblock barrel technology makes the barrel unit stronger while eliminating visible welding lines.  

• Lavish scroll engravings: Delicate, detailed engravings add to the 486's overall aesthetics and complement its classic feel
• Durable, everlasting barrels: Cold-hammer forged OptimaChoke barrels are built to last, and are designed to take every type of shell - from target to high-performance 
• Super crisp shot let-off: New leaf springs in the action allow for faster and more precise firing pin engagement
• Low profile: The wide plane of the side-by-side barrels, aided by a trim, low-profile action will naturally guide the eye to the target
• Updated safety features: A gravitational safety engages if the gun is dropped, and you can choose between auto and manual extraction
• Impeccable balance and handling: At just a touch over 3kg, the 486 comes up to the shoulder naturally and instinctively. Point of balance is right at the hinge-pin, while the portion of the gun forward of the supporting hand still feels lively
• Model: 486 Parallelo
• Calibre: 20 gauge
• Stock: Walnut
• Barrel length: 30"
• Chamber: 2 3/4"

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.
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