12ga Benelli M3 Tactical Pump/Semi with Ghost Ring Sight & Pistol Grip Telescopic Stock: 14"


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The M3 Super 90 is a shotgun of Italian origin. It was developed by Benelli and is an improved version of the M1 Super 90. The M3 is one of the most common tactical shotguns in the world as it is one of the few semi-automatic shotguns that is very reliable and allows for firing non lethal rounds by switching to pump action mode.

The benelli M3 is a product improved M1 Super 90 that adds the pump action ability. The M3 is convertible from the standard inertia driven system to pump action by turning a ring located around the forward part of the tubular stock. This allows the operator to use the M3 in semi-automatic mode when firing standard ammunition and switch to pump action operation low powered non lethal ammunition. Externally the M3 is very similar to the M1. The major difference is the M3T variant that features a metal skeleton buttstock.

The M3 fires 12ga shells with a length of up to 3 inch. The standard version has a 5 round tubular magazine. Normally the M3 is used in the semi-automatic mode when firing buckshot or slugs. The inertia system will also cycle mild buckshot loads, but most non lethal rounds require the firearm to be switched to the pump action mode. Various chokes are available to adjust the spread of buckshot. Since the barrel is not rifled the use of slugs is limited to a few dozen meters.


• Origin: Italy

• Caliber: 12 gauge 2.75" and 3"

• Feed system: 5 round tubular magazine

• Barrel length: 14"

• Rifling: Smoothbore

• Action: Recoil operated or pump-action

• Fire selector: 0 - 1

• Rate of fire: Semi-automatic or pump action

• Stock type: Telescopic butt-stock and pistol grip

• Weight: Approx. 3.3 kg empty

• Sights: Iron sights, blade front and ghost ring rear

The following firearm limited warranties are offered by Benelli which is proud to grant to its customers supplementary rights in addition to those provided by consumer protection law and by other laws applicable in the country of purchase of the firearm; these rights are granted in addition and without prejudice to the warranties provided for by the foregoing legislations:

• 10-year Limited Warranty: Your new Benelli firearm is warranted for 10 years from date of purchase against any defect in materials or workmanship in the metal parts of your product (“10-year Warranty”).

• BE.S.T. 25-year Limited Warranty: In addition, barrels and parts that are treated with the Benelli Surface Treatment (“BE.S.T.”) (available on specific models) are warranted against rust and corrosion for 25 years from date of purchase (“BE.S.T. Warranty”).

The 10-year Warranty and BE.S.T. Warranty are referred to collectively as the “Benelli Warranties.” The Benelli Warranties are subject to the terms and conditions described below.

General Requirements for Coverage

In order to be covered by the Benelli Warranties you must:

• Register your firearm below within 30 days from purchase. The warranty will be validated by the serial number of your firearm. We recommend keeping a copy of your original proof of purchase so that the start date for your Benelli Warranties can be verified.

• Be the original purchaser of the firearm. The Benelli Warranties do not cover any claims made by subsequent owners.

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.

Police Order Form

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