12G Benelli Raffaello BE Diamond: 28" Barrel, I/C


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Raffaello Be Diamond is quite simply the most durable Benelli ever made; exquisite, distinctive, unrivaled. The first shotgun to feature BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) the exclusive full, protection treatment that gives the barrel and breech superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion and wear.

The gun also features Comfortech 3 which significantly reduces felt recoil and new CombTech technology which is capable of reducing the impact to the face. Easy Locking is the latest evolution of Benelli’s Inertia System allowing easy closure of the bolt, increased safety and a shotgun which is always ready to fire.

Completing the features of the gun, an enlarged loading/ejection port; anti-glare carbon fiber rib and Crio Power Bore barrel with cryogenic chokes.

Air Touch
AirTouch technology guarantees a superior grip without roughness to the touch. The new AirTouch checkering makes full use of the advanced moulding characteristics of the special polymer used for the stocks and fore-ends to create a surface with superior grip. AirTouch technology is available on all ComforTech grips and fore-ends on Inertia System shotguns and Argo rifles. 

Crio System
Benelli is the first firearms manufacturer to apply industrial cryogenic treatments to small arms barrels and chokes in order to enhance ballistic performance. Until now, the cost and complexity of cryogenic treatments have limited applications to high-tech industries like aerospace, surgical instruments, and other specialist sectors.

The first element of the Crio System is the Crio barrel. Cryogenically treated steel expands very little under the effects of heat and pressure. This allows Crio barrels to vibrate and expand uniformly on firing. As the graphic shows, the pattern obtained using a Crio barrel is broader, better distributed and more uniform, and pattern centres do not shift as the number of rounds fired increases, all to the benefit of accurate shooting. Cryogenic treatment also extends barrel life by improving resistance to wear and attack by combustion residues.

The Crio System has also been successfully applied to the choke. Crio chokes are elongated in shape with a particularly gentle and gradual taper to the barrel bore (1). These characteristics have been specially developed to avoid clustering and to reduce shot deformation. It is a well-known fact of aerodynamics that a perfectly spherical ball will move faster and in a straighter line than a flattened or deformed one.

Benelli’s Crio System gives shot patterns that are considerably denser and better distributed towards the centre and at the edges. These photographs of shot in flight, taken by Benelli’s own Research and Development department using special equipment, compare the results obtained from a Crio barrel and Crio choke (2) with those obtained from a standard barrel and choke.

Inertia Driven System
The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and ease of maintenance. There are three main components: the bolt, that acts as an inertial mass and slides freely along guides made in the sides of the receiver, the locking head, and the large free spring, mounted on the bolt. Its operations are ingenious and efficient. While the bolt assembly moves into the firing position, the locking head pin moves along a shaped guide inside the bolt to engage the locking head. When the trigger is pulled, all the components of the shotgun, with the exception of the bolt, move backward. At the same time, the inertial spring is compressed between the head of the bolt and the body of the bolt itself. The cartridge drop lever rises to allow the cartridge to move from the magazine to the firing chamber. Towards the end of the recoil cycle, the pressure inside the chamber reaches a safe level and the backward movement of the shotgun slows down. Then, the heavy inertial spring pushes the bolt assembly backward, releasing the revolving head of the bolt and extracting the cartridge fired from the chamber, pushing it against the ejector. When the empty cartridge leaves the receiver, the energy developed by the moving bolt assembly rearms the hammer and compresses the recoil spring inside the stock. Following this, the recoil spring pushes the bolt assembly forwards, in this way raising the shell forwards into the correct position and putting a new cartridge into the chamber. The brevity and ease of these movements together with mechanical precision and constructional simplicity guarantee an operating cycle which will not alter or jam, offering maximum resistance and extreme reliability.

Window System
The brand new Window System makes the technology of this Benelli semi-automatic even more unique. This patented system lets you see clearly how many cartridges are left in the magazine, through a slot in the bottom of the fore-end. The system offers significant benefits in terms of safety and functionality. A red signal indicates that the gun is loaded and ready to shoot.

The barrel Power Bore cryogenic drilling with diameters selected and extremely low speeds and provides greater penetration of the target. Cryo Power Bore hole drilling on a perfect bull's-eye target and insured.

Benelli’s technological evolution has generated the new CombTech to reduce the impact on your face. The combination of an elastic structure with an ergonomic system capable of adapting to the shape of your cheekbone and returning instantly to the original position absorbs the impact on your cheek.

ComforTech is the most efficient Full Comfort system in the world. The improved ComforTech 3 significantly reduces the perception of recoil. The return to aim is faster and shotgun control is optimised in each phase to ensure total comfort for the user.

BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment)
Benelli Surface Treatment is the exclusive Full Protection treatment that gives the barrel and breech superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and wear.

The new Benelli protection against scratches and rust in an elegant line that is totally black.

Benelli Surface Treatment makes the barrel extremely hard and adds precious beauty and resistance to corrosion, without the need for maintenance with protective oil.

Unlike the current coatings on the market that get scratched and become susceptible to rust, BE.S.T. technology ensures total protection of the barrel.

Features and Specifications:
• Gauge: 12
• Stock and fore-end: Technopolymer with Air Touch checkering and Window System fore-end
• Recoil pad: Interchangeable in Special Gel
• Chamber: 3"
• Mechanics: Inertial semi-automatic Benelli with variable geometry trigger release unit
• Receiver: Anodised receiver, machined and chrome-plated bolt assembly
• Comb: CombTech Interchangeable in high-density polyurethane adjustable to + 12 mm with high comb
• Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 365 ± 2 mm, modifiable to 355 ± 2 mm with short recoil pad or to 375 ± 2 mm with long recoil pad
• Drop at comb: 35 ± 1 mm
• Drop at heel: 55 ±1 mm, adjustable to 45/50/60/65 mm; deviation right/left
• Weight: 2,900 ± 100 g with 28” barrel
• Magazine: Tubular with 2-round reducer (without reducer: 3 rounds 12/76 or 4 rounds 12/70)
• Safety: Transversal ambidextrous with red arm ready for shooting signal
• Trigger guard: Ergal
• Trigger: Removable trigger unit; release force from 22 to 28 N; manual, transverse, reversible safety; automatic anti-repeat device, automatic locking device to prevent firing unless the bolt is fully retracted; magazine cutoff.
• Sight: Red fibre optic (mounted), 2 green and yellow front sights (included).

The following firearm limited warranties are offered by Benelli which is proud to grant to its customers supplementary rights in addition to those provided by consumer protection law and by other laws applicable in the country of purchase of the firearm; these rights are granted in addition and without prejudice to the warranties provided for by the foregoing legislations:

• 10-year Limited Warranty: Your new Benelli firearm is warranted for 10 years from date of purchase against any defect in materials or workmanship in the metal parts of your product (“10-year Warranty”).

• BE.S.T. 25-year Limited Warranty: In addition, barrels and parts that are treated with the Benelli Surface Treatment (“BE.S.T.”) (available on specific models) are warranted against rust and corrosion for 25 years from date of purchase (“BE.S.T. Warranty”).

The 10-year Warranty and BE.S.T. Warranty are referred to collectively as the “Benelli Warranties.” The Benelli Warranties are subject to the terms and conditions described below.

General Requirements for Coverage

In order to be covered by the Benelli Warranties you must:

• Register your firearm below within 30 days from purchase. The warranty will be validated by the serial number of your firearm. We recommend keeping a copy of your original proof of purchase so that the start date for your Benelli Warranties can be verified.

• Be the original purchaser of the firearm. The Benelli Warranties do not cover any claims made by subsequent owners.

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.
Police Order Form

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