Winchester 204 Ruger Varmint-X 32gr Polymer Tip Rapid Expansion *20 Rounds

Buy Winchester 204 Ruger Varmint-X 32gr Polymer Tip Rapid Expansion *20 Rounds in NZ.

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These .204 Ruger cartridges are designed for efficient elimination of groundhogs, coyotes, and other "varmint" animals. Manufactured by Winchester at its newest production facility in Oxford, Mississippi, these cartridges fire a very light 32 grain polymer-tipped bullet at an astounding muzzle velocity of 4,000 feet per second. This combination produces instant fragmentation that's sure to bring your target down quickly without risking overpenetration.

The .204 Ruger cartridge is one of the highest velocity commercial rounds in existence. Developed in 2004 as a joint project by Hornady and Sturm Ruger, it is descended from the .222 Remington Magnum. It is specifically targeted to the varmint hunting market, which demands highly accurate, fast-moving projectiles without needing deep penetration.

This ammo comes in boxes of 20 and uses non-corrosive Boxer primers and brass cases.


• Calibre: 204 Ruger
• Bullet type: Varmint X PT
• Weight: 32 gr
• Muzzle velocity: 4000 fps
• Velocity at 100 yds: 3449 fps
• Energy at 100 yds: 84 ft/lbs
• Ballistic Coefficient: 0.210
• Quantity: 20 rounds per box

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.

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