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GI Sportz, maker of Draxxus, and Empire paintballs are now making a premium practice/field paint for Tippmann, the Tippmann Jackal paintballs. What makes a premium field paint you ask? Three things really. 1) The Tippmann Jackal Paintballs have a shell just thick enough to make sure it can withstand the high pressure "pop" of a rental or other entry level marker without breaking while being thin enough to consistently break on target every time. 2) A round ball which will yield a true, straight flight. 3) An eco friendly, non staining fill which is thick enough so a player can't "wipe" a hit off during play and which offers easy clean up once you get home.

The Tippmann name is synonymous with performance, reliability, and trust. The standard if you will. They did it again with the Tippmann Jackal paintballs, they are the new go to paintball for your everyday play.

• Straight Shooting
• Breaks on Target, Not in Your Gun
• 100% PEG (No Oil) EcoFill ensures fast, environmentally friendly biodegradability.
• Orange fill (Shell colour may vary)
• Caliber: .68 
• Choose quantity: 500 rounds (1 bag) or 2000 rounds (box of 4 bags)

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