Sako A7 Stainless/Synthetic Long or Short Action

Buy Sako A7 Stainless/Synthetic Long or Short Action in NZ.

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The new Sako A7 represents the beginning of a new era for the Kiwi hunter, joining Sako’s legendary Finnish tradition of accuracy and reliability with today’s Kiwi hunter. With better out-of-the-box accuracy and reliability than any other rifle brand on the market, the new Sako A7 boasts match-grade performance with a price never before seen on a match-grade hunting rifle.

• The Sako A7 2-piece bolt utilizes a bolt body machined from a solid piece of forged steel that is strong and reliable while offering a silky-smooth action
• Known for refined and modern design, the A7 features a sleek, lightweight composite stock with a unique, textured “wave” pattern on the grip and fore end, providing for a sure grip in any weather
• Machined from a solid steel forging, the Sako A7 has one of the strongest, most torsionally-rigid actions made. Available in two action lengths that are perfectly scaled to the available cartridges
• Every Sako barrel is cold-hammer forged and finished in-house to ensure match-grade accuracy. The muzzle crown is carefully cut by hand to maximize match-grade performance
• 308 and 7mm08 calibre rifles have a shorter action than 30-06, 270 and magnum calibres
• The receiver is fitted with Weaver-style bases
• Soft touch synthetic stock with a rubber coating
• Hammer forged barrel
• Every rifle is test fired with a full magazine and guaranteed to shoot a 5 shot group of 25mm or less at 100m
• The mag release is specifically designed to avoid accidental release.  Slight upward pressure on the magazine allows it to release preventing accidental loss
• The magazine is lined with stainless steel to improve strength, feed reliability and durability
• The top of the action is open which allows cartridges to be easily fed in from the top.
• Cocking indicator
• The base of the bolt handle is integral with the bolt to improve strength
• The trigger is adjustable from 1kg to 2kg
• The A7 comes with the prestige of the Sako name and reputation of New Zealand’s favourite high-quality rifle. 

• Make: Sako
• Model: A7
• Calibre: You Choose
• Finish: Stainless Synthetic
• Action: Short
• Barrel Length: 24 3/8"
• Weight: 6, 5/8 lbs
• L.O.P: 14”
• Magazine: 3+1 Steel Lipped

CLICK HERE to see the benefits of a Sako A7 or Browning X-bolt over a Tikka.

Why buy over a Tikka T3 Lite?
• Steel Lipped Magazine
• Action length built to calibre (Short & Med)
• Modern stock design
• Three Bolt Locking Lugs
• Weaver mounts give you more mounting options
• Total control magazine latch (makes it harder to lose your mag)
• 5-shot M.O.A guarantee


Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the Mail Order Form link below:

Mail Order Form
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