Sako 85 with Carbon Stock & Threaded Spiral Fluted Barrel

Buy Sako 85 with Carbon Stock & Threaded Spiral Fluted Barrel in NZ.

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Avaliable in 308 and 7mm remington magnum.

The Sako 85 is built on design criteria, based on tradition and innovation. This example features an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber stock fitted with a Limbsaver AirTech recoil to help reduce recoil by up to 70%, spiral fluted stainless steel barrel to endure even the harshest of weather conditions. When you buy a Sako, you’re buying a high-quality rifle that has undergone thorough quality assessments that ensure its lasting value from father to son.

Sako 85 actions come in six different sizes (CSA), providing reliable functioning for each caliber. All Sako 85 models feature controlled cartridge feed (RCS) to eliminate double feed or cartridge jams. The turn-bolt handle places the hand in a natural position during bolt operation, which allows for rapid repeated firing.

Sako 85 barrels are manufactured with a passion for craftsmanship and the very best knowledge of Sako. Barrel blanks are drilled, honed, cold- hammer-forged, finished and finally individually inspected by an optical fine-tuning instrument: the human eye. Twist rates are chosen for each caliber to optimize accuracy and bullet performance. Sako 85 barrels, blued or stainless, have a non-reflecting, satin-like surface – with the exception of the Sako 85 Deluxe and Safari models that have a highly polished finish.

The staggered, two-row magazine of the Sako 85 is made of stainless steel. The detachable magazine can also be loaded through the ejection port. The Total Control Latch (patent pending) of the Sako 85 prevents accidental magazine release.

The special two-way Sako safety locks both the trigger and the bolt handle. The unique bolt release button of the Sako Safety System allows you to load or remove a cartridge from the chamber while the safety is engaged.

The weight of the pull of the single-stage Sako 85 trigger unit is adjustable from 1 to 2 kg (2–4 lbs). An optional single-set trigger is available for most Sako 85 models. All Sako 85 rifles have an extremely durable, all-steel trigger guard that protects the trigger. An exception to this is the Finnlight and Carbonlight models, which have a lightweight hard-anodized aluminium trigger guard.

• Action: Bolt-action
• Barrel & Action Finish: Stainless
• Barrel Length: 18.5" (may differ with caliber)
• Barrel Thread: 1/2x28
• Stock: Carbon Fibre
• Magazine: Detachable box
• Magazine Capacity: 5 + 1 (may differ with caliber)
• Sights: None
• Safety: Two-way, Sako Safety System
• Overall Length: 975mm
• Weight: 2.4kg.

The buyer must have a current Firearms Licence and complete a Police order form available from the Mail Order Form link below:

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