Radix Nutrition Ultra 800 Turkish Falafel - Dehydrated Meal

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Maximum energy, lightweight format.

Ultra meals are a spectacle of achieving design targets, developed with a clear purpose in mind. Radix took their freeze-dried meals and made them lighter, with more even calories and less water required to rehydrate. Give your body all the nutrients it needs to perform in the most challenging environments.

This is for the adventurers. The record breakers. The boundary pushers.

This is Ultra.

Key Features:

  • 800kcal per serve
  • Lightweight - 150 grams per meal
  • High calorie-to-weight ratio
  • Only 175ml water required to rehydrate
  • Prepare anywhere - ready in 5 minutes
  • 30+ superfood ingredients
  • 80+ key nutrients with 30 vitamins and minerals
  • All natural ingredients

Peak performance can be achieved anywhere.

Less is definitely more. Ultra meals boast an incredible rehydration ratio of 1ml water for every 4.6 calories, which equates to a stunningly low 175ml per meal. That means for every meal, you need less water, and less gas to boil it. Less water and less gas mean less weight and less space taken up in your pack. You see where we’re going with this.




Blazingly fast rehydration. Ultra meals fully rehydrate in 5 minutes or less. Not only that, but with less water required to rehydrate, you’ll spend less time waiting for water to boil. Now that’s what we call fast food.

Energy for the extremes. 800 calories, weighing in at just 150g per meal. Ultra meals are designed with a higher fatty acid content and advanced freeze-drying technology to maximise calorie-to-weight ratio. Take them anywhere you need easy access extreme energy.


More than just macros. Macronutrients are just the tip of the nutritional iceberg. Ultra meals are designed with RNA technology to increase the density of 80+ key nutrients, including macronutrients, micronutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals, omegas, amino acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotics and more.

Quality you can taste. Adventure food doesn’t have to taste bad. Ultra meals rehydrate brilliantly and taste amazing. We pull this off by using 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Freeze-drying protects the properties of fresh ingredients, so they’re sealed in their most nutritious state. It’s also one of the most effective methods of food preservation, resulting in a best-before date of 5 years and an expiry date of 10+ years.

We'll let results do the talking. Climbing 24 mountain peaks in 31 days? How about rowing for 112 days straight across the Atlantic Ocean? Extreme challenges require extreme nutrition, and Ultra meals have proven themselves in the most relentless environments on earth. Radix make Ultra meals so you can make history.

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