Light All Night Kit: Night Saber Blitzer Torch, 8 Cell Charger & 8x Rechargeable Batteries

Buy Light All Night Kit: Night Saber Blitzer Torch, 8 Cell Charger & 8x Rechargeable Batteries in NZ.
  • Night Saber Blitzer LED Torch: 1250 Lumens
  • 8 x Night Saber 18650 Rechargeable Li-ION Battery
  • Klarus C8 Smart Charger: 8-Cell

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If you're a fan of spotlighting, need a new torch but don't want your lighting to let you down, then this package is for you! Save over $100 on the choice Night Saber Blitzer Torch, based on the Olight Javelot torch, a Klarus 8 Cell Battery Charger, and 8 Night Saber Rechargeable batteries, and give yourself light all night long! With this kit, you can relax in knowing that you have 8 fully charged batteries ready to go when you need them. Then after your big night out, have them recharged all at once with ease using these Night Saber rechargeable batteries and the Klarus 8 Cell Battery Charger!

Included in this package:
• Night Saber Blitzer LED Torch 1250 Lumens 
• Klarus C8 8 Cell Smart Battery Charger 
•  8x AA 18650 rechargeable batteries

Modeled with similar specs to the Olight Javelot M3XS-UT, the Night Saber Blitzer torch has a beam distance of 1300 meters thanks to the OSRAM LED chip with 1250 lumens of mighty performance. It proves as an excellent long range flashlight for those wanting a tight beam yet yielding exceptional wide area lighting for the task at hand. Built rugged, the Night Saber Blitzer torch is housed in aerospace grade aluminum alloy with a type 3 hard anodized black finish. The torch has a waterproof rating of IPX-8 and features a light yellow beam as apposed to the white light of an Olight torch. A yellow beam is designed to cut through rain, snow and fog greater than white or blue light; making it a strong contender for New Zealand's unpredictable weather. 

The center control button allows you to cycle the various output modes along with a memory mode that works in with the tail button. The tactical tail button also allows the users to switch various light functions such as strobe/SOS.

Suitable for law enforcement, search & rescue, camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities. A great alternative to Olight, Walther or LED Lenser torches.

The Klarus C8 Smart Charger is capable of charging almost all rechargeable batteries, and can fit and charge up to eight at a time. This charger also can be used to charge cellphones like a power bank. The C8 Battery Charger is perfect to take with you wherever you go so you can keep your batteries or cellphone charged up whenever you need them. 

• Microcomputer control system allows each of the eight battery slots to charge individually
• Capable of charging 8 batteries simultaneously
• The 24 LEDs (8 groups) will clearly display the charging progress of each battery
• Charging voltage is DC12V 3.5A
• 5V outlet to charge USB equipment using as a power bank
• -dV/dt Control technology to charge Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries more fully
• Built-in reverse polarity and short-circuit protection
• Features over-charge protection to prevent battery damage. Automatically stops charging when complete
• Auto-activation function:
  a) Automatically reactivates “zero voltage” short-circuit protected Li-ion batteries that have been completely drained of power
  b) Three corresponding indicator lights flash simultaneously when attempting to charge a battery that cannot be reactivated
• Made from durable ABS (fire retardant/flame resistant) for your safety
• Designed for optimal heat dissipation, long lifespan

• Input Voltage: DC 12V 3.5A
• Output Voltage: 4.2V±1%V, 1.48V ±1%V
• Output Current: 650mA x 8 
• Compatible with: Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd
                  - Li-ion: 26650 22650 18650 18490 17670 17500 16340 14500 10440 
                  - Ni-MH, Ni-Cd: AA, AAA, AAAA, C
• Size: 215mm × 132mm × 40mm
• Weight: charger weight 278g, adaptor weight 182g
• Optimal working environment:5% (0°C) - 90% (35°C) (fully-laden regular activity) 
• Storage temperature: 0°C-40°C

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