Ghost Rimfire Carbon Silencer 1/2x20/28


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Featuring a 1-piece 6 chamber CNC machined baffle system, carbon sleeve, muzzle forward, and lightweight design, the Ghost rimfire carbon silencer stands out above the rest. Designed for rimfire rifles such 22 LR, 17 HMR and 22 Magnum. A great addition to further the carbon appearance of carbon tension barreled brands such as Magnum Research, Ranger or Volquartsen. 

We stock these in both 1/2x20 and 1/2x28 threads as well as being muzzle forward in design so it will fit just about any threaded rimfire rifle. In a matter of seconds the silencer can be taken down into 3 integral parts making it a breeze to clean. Carbon buildup take effect quickly especially in rimfire semi automatic rifles. Both ends of the silencer feature individual seals to help keep moisture out and the gas directed forward. This silencer also comes with a takedown tool that can be attached directly to a socket wrench should you need it. 

• Strong 6 chamber 1 piece CNC machined monolithic baffle design for maximized sound dampening and gas capture
• Muzzle forward design to fit all barrels matching the thread type
• Aluminium baffle sleeve with carbon exterior - the alloy interior makes for better sound dampening and easier cleaning of carbon build up
• Takedown tool included with a socket adapter insert to be sure it will lighten or loosen further
• Weighs only 158 grams to keep your rifle weight down and your rifle won't feel front heavy
• Deadly quiet when paired with subsonic ammunition. Fact: A silenced rimfire rifle shooting high velocity ammo is still noticeably quieter than shooting subsonic ammo without a silencer!

• Weight: 158g
• Length: 155mm
• Diameter Outside: 32mm
• 1/2x28 or 1/2x20 Thread choice

Please note it’s not recommended to use Muzzle forward silencers on Semi Auto 22WMR and 17HMR rifles due to the nature of the gas blow back system and the potential to cause cycling issues. For these we recommend an overbarrel system, see our listings for Hushpower Rimfire Overbarrel silencers.


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