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The Bergara Extreme Hunter bolt-action rifle is intended for service in extreme shooting conditions. This rifle features the Bergara B-14 action coupled with a 4-cone (16.6mm) stainless steel barrel with a Stainless Gray Cerakote® / Stainless Gray finish. The barrel is threaded and 18" of length.

A rifle with a total length of less than 1 meter in length and less than 3 kg in weight, which makes it an ideal complement both for the mountains and for adverse hunting conditions.

• Made in Spain.
• Conceived for all those who need a rifle that offers adequate responses in the most extreme conditions of rain, snow and wind.
• The Bergara Extreme series has a stainless steel action and barrel, protected with a Stainless Gray Cerakote® / Stainless Gray finish, and 18 barrels.
• It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a light, short, easy to maintain and extremely reliable hunting tool.
• It is equipped with a Bergara curved adjustable trigger that has been designed to ensure a crisp and clean shot every time the rifle is fired. 
• All B14 rifles are capable of producing groupings of sub -1.0 MOA or less at 100 yards (91.44 meters) using factory match ammunition.

The molded synthetic stock is made of fiberglass reinforced polymer. During the molding process, pure steel pillars are inserted and permanently fixed, providing a secure and stable bearing surface for the action and the barrel. The SoftTouch coating gives the stock a soft and slightly sticky feel, easy to grip even in bad weather conditions.

Bergara stainless steel barrel is finished in Stainless Steel Cerakote® / Stainless Gray. All barrels are threaded 
Detachable charger.

The Bergara barrel of this rifle is used to hunt whatever the shooter wants and can be complemented by the super smooth B-14 Action, which consists of two handles with a sliding plate extractor and a conical tip and chamber to guarantee a feeding and extraction. cartridge smooth. It is factory drilled and tapped to fit Remington 700 style rings and bases.


• Caliber 6.5 Creedmoor // Barrel Length: 46 cm // Magazine Capacity: 3 + 1 // Total Length: 95 cm // Weight: 2.9 kg.
• Caliber .308 Win // Barrel Length: 46 cm // Magazine Capacity: 3 + 1 // Total Length: 95 cm // Weight: 2.9 kg.

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.
Police Order Form

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