.177 Air Chief Rapid Repeater Gen 2 PCP Air Rifle with Regulator & Silencer

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When people consider PCP Air Rifle for outdoor shooting, they should always consider the new Air Chief Rapid Repeater Gen 2 Pre-charge Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle! This is a regulated PCP air rifle and it's capable velocity is up to 900 fps with dozens of effective shots.

A PCP air rifle uses compressed air as its power source and people love the power and accuracy you can get! The benefits of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are multi-shot power and accuracy which can go a long way in the fun for both newbies and more experienced shooters alike. Depending on the gun you choose, you can get around 30 high-power shots without refilling the tank which helps you have more fun and refill less often for an added bonus. These air tanks are either built into the gun itself or will screw on to the rifle. The air tanks are then filled with a hand pump, a scuba tank or a small compressor. Airgunners love the power and precision of PCP air rifles especially when they are hunting game because you waste less time refilling and you get more punch behind the shot to take down bigger game.

The Air Chief Rapid Repeater Gen 2 PCP Air Rifle is capable of single shot shooting or multi-shot shooting with the attachment of a magazine. Plugging in the magazine is easy by simply opening the bolt, pushing out the single-shot adapter and sliding the magazine in along the grooves with the magnet facing down.

It has sights for shooting without optics but has an 11mm rail for placing an optic. The front and rear sights can be easily removed. The Air Chief Rapid Repeater Gen 2 PCP Air Rifle is fitted in a wooden stock with a very nice finish, it is lightweight, simple to use and also comes with a silencer. 

Please note that all PCP air rifles require a firearms licence to purchase, and they need to be stored and treated the same as firearms. 

• Bolt action cocking lever
• Pressure gauge at the tip of the tank
• Tank capacity: 100cc. Made of steel
• Maximum loading pressure: 200 bar
• Adapter with “foster” quick connector for tank charging
• Two-stage adjustable trigger that allows for an accurate and relaxed shot
• It comes with a potency of approximately 20 joules
• Recommended for shooting at a maximum distance of 30 meters
• Capable velocity of over 900 fps with dozens of effective shots
• Metal front sight with silencing effect
• Capable of single shot and multi-shot
• Adjustable trigger
• Manual safety
• Detachable silencer
• Includes 7 round rotary magazine

• Caliber: .177 (4.5mm) / .22 (5.5mm)
• Speed: 900fps (.177) / 800fps (.22)
• Air Capacity: 100 CC
• Regulator: Yes
• Magazine Capacity: 9 (.177) / 7 (.22)
• Trigger Pull: 0.5-4 Lbf
• Safety Force: On/Off 1-6Lbf
• Barrel Length: 480mm / 18.9"
• Max Pressure: 20 MPa
• Overall Length: 950mm / 37.4"
• Weight: 2.27kg
• Stock: European Beech

Basic tips for PCP operation.
- Make sure the barrels are cleaned prior to use the first time. Don’t use solvent. Mineral based cleaners like balistol should be used.
- Don’t use a brush or anything abrasive on the barrels just oil and cotton patches
- Use silicon oil and grease for oiling and lubricating
- Never let the tank drop below 1000PSI unless it its being emptied for a repair.
- If filling from a scuba tank purge the air very slowly
- If filling from a hand pump take breaks every 2 minutes to allow the air in the pump to cool failure       can make the seals in the gun and the hand pump wear faster than needed
- Never exceed the max limit of the tank on the rifle if it is not written on the tank stay below 200BAR or 20MPA
- Most PCP air rifles will prefer heavier weighted pallets

Important note: it is recommended to not run the rifle under 10BAR to avoid damage to the valve system. Also avoid shooting the rifle until out of gas as this runs the risk of a pellet lodging in the barrel

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.
Police Order Form

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