Gemini Choke Crio Plus 20ga Ported Extended *Choose Choke Size*


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The enthusiasm, research, attention to market general requirements and the experience of many years as suppliers of the most important arms factories in Italy, allow us to offer a product with optimal characteristics. 
Made of steel 42 CrMo4 with modern CNC machines, are subject to careful control at every stage of the working process through the use of specific calibrations, which are periodically checked.

The finishing is our pride: grinding + lapping, and finally the surface treatments: 
1) "niplate" (nickel HV 500) for the interior pieces 
2) chroming / burnishing for external pieces and internal / external pieces.

The most part of our chokes is in accordance with the instructions of "Banco Nazionale di Prova" concerning the use of steel balls, laser marking on each piece specifies its use "steel shot" or "only lead".


Use instructions
Granted that the choke must always reach the end of barrel and get fastened to it by the internal diameter edge, before you mount it, accurately check that it is not damaged each time, particularly the final diameter (internal) that goes into the bar.
When using, it is better to check the tightening, since the chokes should always remain locked to prevent gases from entering between barrel and chokes (most common problems of broken reeds derive from this).
When you don't use your rifle for a long time, disassemble and clean the chokes and its housings and, before reassembling it, we recommend to lubricate it with some special grease, resistant to high temperatures.


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