Gunslick Ultra Cleaning Kit **You choose the calibre**

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Product Description
We have 5 kits to suit rifles, air rifles, air pistol and air guns.
Calibres available when this listing was done;

- .17 cal- For use on .177 air rifles, 17HM2 & 17HMR.
- .22 cal- For use on 22LR, 22mag, 222, 223, 22-250, 220 Swift & 223WSSM
- .243/6.5mm cal- For use on 240 Weatherby, 243, 243WSSM, 6mm Rem, 6.5x55, 25-06 & 257.
- .270/7mm cal- For use on 270, 270WSM, 280, 7mm-08, 7mm Mag, 7mm STW, 7mmWSM & 7x57
- .30-32/8mm cal- for use on 30M1, 30-06, 30-30, 300 Win & WSM, 303, 307, 308, 338, 7.62x25, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 7.65, 7.92, 8mm (8x57)
- .38-.357 cal pistol
- 12ga- For 12 gauge shotguns
- 20ga- For 20 gauge shotguns

- Steel rod
- Rubber handle
- A bottle of cleaning oil & a bottle of lubricating/protectant oil included
- So much better than the kits with alloy (easily broken) rods & hard plastic handles

Factory Information
The Ultra Calibre Rifle Gun Care Kit and its components are specifically designed to keep your firearm in top firing condition. The blackened steel rod and "soft-grip" T-handle provide the added strength of steel with a soft feel & smooth swivel action.
You will find that this superior rod handle incorporates the additional benefit of improved cleaning ability. We've included a muzzle guard for added barrel protection.
To make cleaning easier kit features Ultra-Lube and Ultra-Klenz, the very finest chemical technology available."

Kit Contains
- 2 Oz. (60ml) Ultra-Klenz - Advanced gun cleaner
- 2.25 Oz. (67ml) Ultra Lube - Advanced gun oil
- Blackened steel cleaning rod with over moulded T-Handle
- Chosen calibre phosphor bronze brush, mop & jag tip
- Absorbent cotton patches: with greater absorbency, easily removes fouling: copper, lead and plastic. It is lint free, won't scratch metal surfaces.
- Muzzle guard
- Plastic storage box with hook to hang up