22 LR Winchester Ammo Value Pack

Buy 22 LR Winchester Ammo Value Pack in NZ.

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Winchester 36gr 333 pack .22LR hollow point hunting ammunition.

As freight can be expensive for ammo we have done a deal where you buy 1x brick of 333 and only pay as little as $5 freight!

High Velocity copperplated hollow point; great for small game, plinking or target shooting.

Made by Winchester in the USA and sold as their best priced promotional product.

Compare this to Winchester Powerpoint at almost double the price!

* Copper coated lead hollow point projectile.
* 1280 feet per second.
* Our lowest priced Winchester supersonic ammo
* Packaged loose in the carton
* Ten of these cartons in a case if you want to buy in bulk


Winchester No.: 22LR333HP
Calibre: .22 Long Rifle
Bullet Weight Grains / Grams: 36 / 2.33
Bullet Style: Copper Plated HP


Velocity in FPS Approx-
@ Muzzle: 1280
@ 100 Yards: 1015

Energy in Foot Pounds -
@ Muzzle: 135
@ 100 Yards: 85

Select 3x packets for reduced cost and freight starting at $5 per 3x bricks!, or 10x packets for and amazing deal!


Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from

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