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Designed to suit the shooter's needs, the JR Belt is made of nylon and plastic to withstand stress and tough weather. Comes with a belt buckle for safety.

JR Holster Competition Belt - these belts offer the same inner/outer belt design as most competition belts. They are different however in the respect that they are not as thick as other brands, so movement isn't hindered, yet they are secure enough to hold all the weight and gear needed for 3 gun competition.

The buckle system is the most unique in that it completely encloses the outer belt and will not pull loose. The sliding design of the buckle means you never have to take it off the belt so it can't get lost either.

These belts have size overlap built in, so order belts in the same size as the pants size you currently wear. If you wear size 34 pants, get a size 34 belt.