Ghost Modular Baffle Silencer: Standard

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The lightest, most durable modular silencer we have to offer!

Ghost Modular Rifle Silencer: Choose Thread Size & Caliber

The Ghost Modular Rifle Silencer is the next generation in silencer technology. Ghost Silencers allow you to customise its performance to your specific shooting needs and requirements. It does this by doing away with the single tube and baffle of a traditional silencer and instead, incorporates a configurable size modular baffle design.

What does that mean exactly? It means you can customise the silencer based on the number of baffles by simply screwing and unscrewing the threaded baffle sections. The more baffles you add, the heavier but quieter the silencer will be. Less baffles, therefore, mean a lighter silencer and louder, in terms of noise suppression.

The Ghost Modular Silencer is made of high-strength, aluminium alloy to minimise weight, and feature an anodised, hard-coat matte black finish for the ultimate in durability. What’s more, cleaning only takes minutes. Simply unscrew to disassemble and clean. It’s that easy.

Additional baffle sections can be purchased separately (see bottom of description for product codes).

Features and Benefits:
• Lightweight: This silencer is incredibly lightweight. Unlike other silencers available on the market, this modular silencer does not make a rifle very front heavy and can be adjusted with each baffle to suit each shooter. 
• Adjustable: Because of the nature of the Ghost Modular Silencer, additional baffles can be added or subtracted to suit each hunting situation. Make it shorter for bush hunting and extend it for when you're in the tops. Simple.
• Easy to clean: With the modular baffle system, it is easy to clean the baffles and chamber of the silencer from residue and carbon build up, increasing the longevity of the silencer.
• Interchangeable: This silencer is not just for centerfire rifles! It will suit almost any rifle and we have found it to be a particularly good upgrade for traditionally loud magnum rimfire calibers. Not to mention it goes well on semi-automatic magnum rimfire rifles too! 

• Over-barrel centerfire silencer
• Rimfire Ghost silencer - for use on .177 - .22 caliber firearms (and everything in-between) OR centerfire Ghost silencer for use on .243 - .30 caliber firearms (and everything in-between)
• Customisable for weight and noise suppression
• Made from lightweight aluminium alloy
• Anodised, hard coat matt black finish
• Dimensions: 237mm (L) x 44mm (D) (1/2x20, 1/2x28, M14x1, M15x1, other threads may vary slightly) 
• Requires 120mm of barrel clearance
• Maximum barrel diameter: 22mm
• Weight: Maximum 345g (1/2x20, 1/2x28, M14x1, M15x1, other threads may vary slightly)

Included (1/2x20, 1/2x28, M14x1, M15x1 threaded version)
1x Barrel attachment section
1x Threaded end cap (not shown as removed in images)
4x Threaded baffle sections

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(230063 - 30 cal baffle)
(230064 - 22 cal baffle)
(230058) 1/2x20 - 30
(230056) 1/2x28 - 30
(230060) M14x1 - 30
(230274) M14x1 - 22
(230057) 1/2x28 - 22
(230059) 1/2x20 - 22
(230149) M15x1 - 30
(230197) M18x1 - 30
(230281) 5/8x24 - 30
(230210) 11/16x24 - 45