Gamo Round Air Gun Pellets 250x

Buy Gamo Round Air Gun Pellets 250x in NZ.

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Calibre: .177 in (4,5 mm)
Weight: 8,2 grains (0.53 grams).
Count: 250x

Because of its spherical shape, this concentration of mass gives this projectile the deepest penetration of any pellet, at any range.

The following info will help convince you of the need to have at least two different styles of pellets.

  • Manufactured by Gamo in Spain.

  • Packed in handy steel, screw lid containers of 250 each.


Only for use in Gamo pistols, these won't work well or at all in the likes of the Umarex or Daisy pistols.


Flat "wadcutter" pellets are used by all Olympic and ISU competitors. They are very accurate and punch the cleanest holes in paper.

The round pointed ones like the Pro Magnums are super accurate and have the longest range because they are the most aerodynamic. These are our most popular pellet and the most useful all-round pellet.

The sharp pointed pellets like the Magnum penetrate the best so are the best killers at short to medium range.

The TS10 pellet although shaped like the Pro Magnum is a heavier pellet, ideal for the most powerful air rfles, ie those travelling faster than 1000fps although many shooters use them in 750 to 1000fps rifles.