Gamo .22 (5.5mm) Expander 250x Pellets

Buy Gamo .22 (5.5mm) Expander 250x Pellets in NZ.

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Gamo Expander Expansion
.22 lead air rifle hunting pellets.

This is a Spanish made pellet which offers excellent consistency, expansion and accuracy.

These are newly designed hunting pellet by Gamo.  The unique shape hits harder because it will expand on impact.

•  Manufactured by Gamo in Spain.
•  Designed to give maximum shock and expansion while having the accuracy of a match pellet.

•  Calibres: .22 in (5.5 mm).
•  Container: Screw lid tin
•  Units: Approx 250 pellets per tin
•  Weight:                .22   (5.56 mm)         14.2 grains approx
•  Suits velocity;        .22   (5.56 mm)          300 to1000fps