Flir Scout TK Thermal Monocular

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Want to see in the dark? These are a great option for spotlight hunting if you don't want to spook the bunnies or deer with a bright spotlight. The FLIR Scout TK is one of the best entry-level thermals on the market and at a great price too! Most thermals cost more than $3000!

Ideal for exploring the outdoors at night, or in complete darkness, the FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular is a pocket-sized thermal imaging device that has a multitude of features for night and daytime thermal imaging. Its 160x120 Lepton Core VOx microbolometer is an uncooled and ultra-compact thermal sensor that will help you to reveal hidden warm objects, people, hot pipes or wires, and animals using their thermal signature in total darkness or daytime. Thanks to a compact and ergonomic design, you will be able to easily reach and man its intuitive four-button control pad located on the top panel in a single-handed operation. Despite its compact size, the imager has all the features of a full-size thermal monocular, such as your choice of imaging palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert, Graded Fire, and three others. Additionally, this monocular has video and photo recording capability and a USB compatibility with your PC. To streamline your viewing experience, the monocular also features a fast 5-second start-up, 9 Hz refresh rate, image brightness control, and a FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement image processing technology. To allow you to take it anywhere on your adventures, the housing is engineered to withstand harsh environments. It is compact, waterproof/submersible, and resistant to extreme temperatures. It also offers a wide rubberized eyecup and a rubber covering to provide a sure grip and impact-resistant performance.

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Imaging & Optical Performance
• 160x120 FLIR Lepton VOx microbolometer
• Lens system: f/1.1 silicon doublet
• 20x16° field of view
• 9 Hz refresh rate

• Internal rechargeable battery (Li-ion)
• 5-hour battery life
• FLIR claimed detection of a man-sized object at 100yards (other things further, but dependent on size, weather conditions, temperature etc).

Use and Handling
• Brightness adjustment.
• White Hot, Black Hot, InstAlert, Graded Fire, Rainbow, Iron, Lava, and Arctic video palettes.
• USB port for PC compatibility.
• Intuitive 4-button control pad.
• Power button.
• Video detection palettes - short presses toggle through the options.
• Brightness - toggle up or down.
• Short press for image.
• Long press for video.

Construction Details
• Ergonomic and compact housing.
• Rubber covering for a sure grip.
• Wide round rubber eyecup.
• Tethered objective lens cover.
• IP-67 waterproof and submersible.
• Impact-resistant.
• Operating temperature: -20 to 40°C / -4 to 104°F.
• Weight: 170 g / 6 oz.