Ek Exterminator Compound Bow - 15-70 lbs

Buy Ek Exterminator Compound Bow - 15-70 lbs in NZ.

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Every Ek product is made from the highest quality parts by some of the best manufacturers in the world. The hunting roots of this short axle to axle compound bow show in its design. This bow is the perfect foundation to build a customised 3D shooting rig.

User adjustability allows this bow to be configured to a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights. Forgiving and balanced, the Exterminator facilitates improvement by providing the consistency necessary to develop your skill set. 

• Draw weight: 17-70 lbs
• Draw length: 17"-31"
• Brace height: 7"
• Axle to axle: 30"
• Speed: 310 FPS
• Let off: 75% 
• Mass weight (bow only): 3.6 lbs
• Colour: Folium camo

Included (with the accessories model only):
• Exterminator Compound Bow
• Quiver
• Fibre optic sights
• 2 arrows
Please note: No accessories are included with the base model only.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What size arrows will this take?

Depending on your draw length which the EK has 17-31-inch draw adjustment you can buy the 30-inch Carbon Ek arrow and cut it down to size if needed. For this bow you will need to only use Carbon Arrows as the power from this may bend or it may explode causing injury 

Will this kill a rabbit?

Yes, this will kill a rabbit i suggest using a Judo or blunt 

Is this crossbow a hunting or target bow?


Is this right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?

This is a right-handed Bow, if are unsure if you are left or right-handed with this it is usually the hand you write or throw a ball with 

Will this kill a deer?

Yes, this is a perfect bow for starting hunting and would be perfect from a deer to a Water buffalo  

What range would it have with accuracy?

You can hunt with this from 15-60 meters

Can I use this in my back yard?

Yes, you can but be sure to always check your shooting lanes are free from any dangers 

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this item. You will be asked to supply a copy of your photo identification as proof of age in order to complete the purchase. 

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