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Welcome to Gun City!

We are NZs largest firearm dealer, trading since 1978 and offering you the biggest range in the country.

We have NZs largest Trade Me dedicated staff processing your purchases out safely wrapped same day (5 days a week) and sped to you by NZ's best couriers.

We love to hear from you and feel confident that we have the widest knowledge base to get you the answer you need.

We aim to get your package sent on the same day as purchased if you pay with ASB online, in cash at any ASB branch or use a credit card before 1pm weekdays.

We offer you savings on shipping when two or more of our products are purchased at the same time.

We stand behind our product, offering you up to double the factory warranty on new products and a full 6 months warranty on used firearms.

Our reputation is based on you enjoying your Gun City experience!!

David & Betsy Tipple
Company Directors

Dave betsy


Hi, We're David & Betsy Tipple. We set up Gun City in 1978. It has been a family business since incorporation. We have a fantastic team of staff at Gun City. They are all willing to help every customer with their individual sale, providing excellent customer service with every purchase, whether online or in our stores. 

We enjoy Gun City because it is our hobby. The customers we meet have similar interests and we are all participating in something we enjoy. Much better than being a dentist

We enjoy getting into the outdoors and hunting with our very active German Short-haired Pointers. Wallaby hunting and duckshooting are our favourites. God bless


Matt Tipple

My favourite type of hunting is wallaby shooting, I like to use the 5.7x28 upper on an AR15 because it's quiet and has a large magazine capacity.

Other types of hunting I also enjoy include Rabbit shooting with my modified GUN CITY 2010/22 and Duck shooting with a 20ga Benelli M2


Tim Tipple
Sales Manager/Imports

My favourite type hunting is Wallaby Shooting, this Saiga 20K shotgun is the gun I like to use because the detachable mag and Semi Auto action makes it the ultimate for wallabies.

Other hunting activities I enjoy doing are Duck and Pheasant, please contact me if you would like to know more about these.


Fergus Turnbull
Floor and Marketing Manager


My favourite types of shooting are Wallaby shooting from a Helicopter with theBenelli M2 Tac or rabbit/bird shooting the classicSKB 20GA side by side (with ejectors of course).

I also love shooting my223 Bushmaster AR15 with silencer.


Quintin Blacklock
Wholesale & Operations

My favourite type of shooting is game bird hunting with my12ga Benelli M2 24" during the winter months. My gun of choice is a 22-250 Browning A-Bolt Fluted Barrel fitted with aZeiss 3-12x50 Duralyt scope .

In the summer months I love spotlighting Rabbits and Possums using a22lr Ruger 10/22 with aLeupold 3-9x40 LR Limited edition Scope.

I also enjoy getting up in the Hunter Hills chasing wallabies and wild pigs.       


Chloe Tipple
Assistant Manager

My favourite type of shooting is Clay bird shooting, sporting is the most fun but ISSF is my specialty! ThisRizzini Vertex is the gun I like to use because they are really well made, fantastic value for money and lovely to shoot.
Other hunting/shooting I also enjoy doing are Rabbit shooting with my kitted outRuger 10/22 and firing as many rounds as possible out of my awesome Carbon Bushmaster AR15.


MJ Porter
Head of Sales

My favourite types of shooting are IPSC pistol shooting with my trustyWalther P99 or chasing wallabies with myBushmaster AR15. It's a great all round hunting rifle which can be fully customised with our great range of AR15 parts.

I also enjoy chasing high country game with mySako 300WSM or shooting long range out to 1600m with one of the great rigs that I can help set you up with, similar to ourSako TRG package. Please contact me if you would like to know more about these and I can tailor make the perfect package for your shooting needs


Dean Jordan
Sales Consultant

I enjoy Deer hunting with a 6.5x55 Blaser because it is strong, reliable and the barrels are interchangeable.

Please contact me if you have any questions about our website.  



Sam Gawn
Sales Consultant

I enjoy Clay Target shooting with a12ga Krieghoff K-80 because it is strong and reliable.

I also enjoy rabbit shooting. Please contact me if you would like to know more about these

Susan Small

Susan Turnbull
Administrative Assistant

My favourite type of shooting is target shooting.


I like this air rifle because I fired it for the first time and got a 9/10.

James W_2

James Wang
Sales Consultant

I enjoy target shooting withAR15s because they are a reliable service rifle and there are a lot of after-market parts to modify this rifle with.
Other shooting I also enjoy doing are Pistol and main interests are the AK and AK rifles. Please contact me if you would like to know more about these.





Michael2 Small

Michael Lim

Sales Consultant

I have an indepth background in all aspects of hunting, but I also love recreational shooting such as pistol shooting, 3 gun, and long range precision shooting out past 1 km. I have a real appreciation and passion for the engineering that goes into the design and build of a quality firearm. I am pictured here with a SOCOM Navy Seal AAC designed 300 Blackout which can be shot with any AR platform rifle with just the change of a barrel. I like these rifles because they were designed with purpose and intent by the Navy Seals Special Operations Command and Advanced Armament Corporation with deadly intent to out perform the ballistics of the AK47's 7.62x39 on special operations, and can still be used with short barrels, subsonic's, and has been widely accepted and praised by elite forces worldwide. I also have a real love for Mauser K98's, Springfield 1903's, and even Kentucky long rifles. I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness, and have also served in the army. I believe in ethical hunting, precision, and accuracy. If you'd like to know more on any of the above come see me in store.


Doug Hird
Sales Consultant

My favourite type of shooting/ hunting is Deer hunting with my308 X-Bolt . This is the gun I like to use because of the smooth action, half cock and accuracy.

Other hunting/shooting I also enjoy doing are rabbit and possum                         


Owen Trowbridge
Stock Manager/Sales

My favourite type of shooting is long range hunting on the tops with myCustom Sako 85 7mm Rem mag. This is my gun of choice because it is comfy to handle and doesn't weigh at much as some rigs. For this I'm using aSchmidt bender 3-20x50 to give me the best glass quality at long range and at premium hunting time.

Other hunting I love spotlighting Rabbits and Possums using aSako 222 Vixen.

I also enjoy going home for the weekend and having a good clean up on goats and pigs.  

Dan HSmall

Daniel Hayston
Web Manager

I've always enjoyed target shooting, particularly range shooting, the most.

I am pretty new to the sport of shooting, but have always had a fondness for the 223 Bushmaster Carbon M4 - particularly with the added scope and suppressor (but that might be the gamer in me!).
I am looking forward to getting my B-Cat as I am also keen on pistol shooting.



Phil Skelton
Graphic Artist

My favourite type of shooting is rabbit hunting. I like theM392 DMR for its highDPS and solid mid-range accuracy. It also doesn't exist outsidethe Halo games, but what can you do.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Gun City advertising or design.



Kirby Smith
Inward Goods

My favourite type of shooting is target shooting. I'm new to Gun City and to shooting in general, so there's lots to learn about our huge range of products!


Byron Ling
IT Manager

My favourite type of shooting is target shooting. I enjoy using this Portal Gun because it allows me to tunnel through N-dimensional space and bend the laws of physics to my will.

campbell Edit

Campbell Turnbull
Website and Trademe sales

My favourite type of shooting is Clay Target Shooting. I also enjoy rabbit shooting and  shooting most types of shotguns.

Contact me if you have and questions about our website.



Amelia Mulholland
Trademe & Online Sales

I have just purchased my first firearm, a syntheticRuger 10/22 with a Hogue stock andRanger scope .

This one in particular is lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for hitting smaller game such as rabbits and possums.
On our staff shoots I have tried a variety of firearms, my favourite so far being Sam Gawn'sBennelli shotgun .

I'll be on the other end of all your Trade Me and Gun City website purchases, alongside Rob in dispatch we will aim to get all your orders to you smoothly and efficiently.




Chris Turnbull
Stock Management

My favourite type of shooting is target shooting. I like thisThompson submachine gun because I'm interested in pre-war and WW2-era firearms.




Kaitlin Jackson Crates
Office assistant

My favourite type of shooting/ hunting is rabbit shooting and target shooting. 

I like the AR15 because it's a pretty cool gun and fun to shoot.

Daniel Small

Daniel Tobin
Video Producer/Web Editor


My favourite type of shooting is pistol and plinking with myRuger 10/22. 


I would like to buy this Steyr AUG because it is the A-Cat version of the weapon the NZ Army use, it feels great in the hand, compact and solid.



 Garth Small

Garth Clement

Warehouse/Stock Manager

I like the ar-15 for its versatility and style. It is compatible with a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories which makes it unique to everyone. My favorite type of shooting is target and 3-gun. I like hunting deer and pigs but my favorite type of hunting is on the Paintball/ Airsoft fields. If you need advice on Paintball or Airsoft please contact me.



Sam LSmall

Sam Laurie

IT Senior Software Developer & Security Specialist

I like this M1 Carbine because it is very rare and still in mint condition! I have only done a little bit of shooting, including clay shooting in America.


Working in the IT department at Gun City is definatly a very unique environment!.



David with Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47, 2008

David with Kalashnikov