30-06 Steyr Mannlicher Schoenauer 1950

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Steyr Mannlicher Schoenauer 1950 in fair condition. Chambered in 30-06 Springfield. Features leaf sights, sling, rotary/'spool' magazine, set trigger, raised cheek rest. Historically loved hunting and sporting rifle!

Disclaimer: We have more than 1 one these in current stock at time of listing. Photo is indicative of the lot. Some may or may not have slings or will have a different style sling than in images. Feel free to contact us further for more information. 

The Mannlicher–Schönauer (sometimes Anglicized as "Mannlicher Schoenauer", Hellenized as Τυφέκιον/Όπλον Μάνλιχερ, Óplon/Tyfékion Mannlicher) is a rotary-magazine bolt-action rifle produced by Steyr Mannlicher for the Greek Army in 1903 and later used in small numbers by the Austro-Hungarian Army Post-war it was sold for civilian use.

After WW II all Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifles and carbines were imported into the U.S. by the Stoeger Arms Corporation. The first Mannlicher-Schoenauer to appear in the U.S. after the war was the Model 1950. This was available in several North American and European calibers and was available as a 2/3 stock rifle with a 22" barrel or a full stock carbine with a 20" barrel. The exception was an 18-1/4" barrel supplied on caliber 6.5x54 carbines. The Model 1950 Carbine was very similar in appearance to the Model 1903 Carbine, but used the longer Model 1925 High Velocity action.

Steyr still makes Mannlicher rifles, but they no longer use the Schoenhauer spool magazine or the action designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher. They are good rifles with many modern improvements, but they are not the same. 

Anyone who has handled a classic M-S rifle understands the appeal of this fine firearm. Its bolt action was the simply the smoothest ever made. It is the only bolt action known to close and lock itself if the muzzle of an empty rifle with a fully open bolt is swung down to point at the ground while the trigger is held back. This is partly because of the outstanding machine work put into these rifles, and partly because the Schoenauer spool magazine does not drag against the bolt as does the follower in the box magazine of a Mauser style rifle.

The typical M-S trigger mechanism, usually a double set type, was absolutely awesome. Just pulling the release trigger normally can fire the rifle, but the pull weight is a creepy 5+ pounds. However, when the set trigger is first pulled to "set" the release trigger, the release trigger then breaks with a perfect 3 ounce let-off (as adjusted by the factory). The set trigger can be adjusted for a pull so light that the weight of the trigger itself fires the rifle if the muzzle is elevated--which clearly should be avoided.

Purchase of this item requires a firearms licence, you will need to complete a Police Order Form and take it into your local police station to have it signed off. The form can be found from the link below.
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