30-06 Norma 180gr SP Vulkan

Buy 30-06 Norma 180gr SP Vulkan in NZ.
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30-06 Springfield
Norma Vulkan
20 pcs/box

The Vulkan is a classic hunting bullet with a thin front jacket to give rapid mushrooming and high energy transfer. The jacket is folded at the tip to protect the lead core against recoil damage in the magazine. This is a very popular bullet for wild boar and red deer hunting.


In 1903 the United States introduced the most powerful military cartridge in the world for use in the Springfield model 1903 rifle. Three years later some minor adjustments were made including the introduction of a lighter and more streamlined bullet and the new standard military cartridge was accordingly baptized .30-06 Springfield.


This is easily the most widespread hunting cartridge in the world although it has been pressed hard by the .308 in later years. Its case has a near optimum capacity for many bullet diameters and a large number of wildcats have been made using the .30-06 as a starting point.


With the wide range of bullets available - from 110 to 250 grains - it is an extremely flexible cartridge which has been used successfully for hunting almost every species of game in the world.


Most hunters prefer the 180 grain bullets for all-round hunting of larger game. In mountains and other places where long range shots are to be expected, however, the 150 or 165 grain bullets might be a better option. The only drawback of the .30-06 is that its recoil with the heavier loads is on the limit of what most inexperienced shooters can handle, but with handloads and lighter bullets this problem can be eliminated.


The Professional Hunter ammunition line up starts with the renown Norma brass cases, precision manufactured for superior accuracy, then optimum powder charges for maximum ballistic performance and combined with bullets specifically selected for game pursued.The components are meticulously loaded under the industries‘ most rigid standards and precision inspected to insure proper bullet seating and primer pocket alignment. End result? Norma PH ammunition – the Professionals choice.“


Norma‘s superior reputation is worldwide and component cases are a major reason. These superior cases are manufactured from the best raw materials available, and to exact tolerances. The case head is annealed to soften the neck to prevent gas leakage and insure maximum shelf life for seating bullets! They are meticulously inspected to insure accuracy and reloadability round after round.


Norma Powders are selected and blended to give maximum ballistic performance, not just in our factory loads but in the products available to reloaders as well! The shooter using Norma powder can safely trust that loading data, pressure, velocity and accuracy are maintained at the same high level from lot to lot. Norma‘s flexible range of powders offers the hand loader the opportunity to load the highest quality and maximum range of cartridges available.


For more than a century, the golden rule at Norma has been quality and precision. This continues today and can be found in precision bullets with gilded metal jackets and bonded cores. This has given Norma a leading position in bullet performance. The reason is simple- from selection of raw materials, through casting and jacketing -precision and inspection are paramount.


A hunter or match participant can rely on Norma‘s selection of products to deliver the results.


Data sheet
 Purpose - Big Game
 Caliber - 30-06
 Bullet - Norma Vulkan
 Bullet Weight - 11,7 g / 180 gr
 Ballistic Coefficient - 0,315
 Velocity V(0) - 823 (m/s) / 2700 (f/s)
 Velocity V(100) - 730 (m/s) / 2420 (f/s)
 Velocity V(200) - 643 (m/s) / 2158 (f/s)
 Velocity V(300) - 563 (m/s) / 1912 (f/s)
 Impact Energy E(0) - 3964 (J) / 2924 (ft.-lb.)
 Impact Energy E(100) - 3119 (J) / 2350 (ft.-lb.)
 Impact Energy E(200) - 2422 (J) / 1868 (ft.-lb.)
 Impact Energy E(300) - 1854 (J) / 1466 (ft.-lb.)
 Caliber - 4,5 mm (.177)