22 LR CCI Suppressor 45gr Hollow Point *Choose Quantity*

Buy 22 LR CCI Suppressor 45gr Hollow Point *Choose Quantity* in NZ.

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The specialized load produces a subsonic velocity that further reduces noise, yet the hollow-point bullet design expands reliably for excellent terminal performance. CCI Suppressor cycles consistently through semiautomatic firearms, and its clean-burning powders minimize blow-back and ease firearm cleaning.

• Subsonic velocity of 970 fps minimizes sound signature through suppressed firearms
• Hollow-point bullet consistently expands at low velocities
• Excellent accuracy
• Consistent function in semiautomatic firearms
• Clean-burning powders
• Sure-fire CCI priming
• Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid
• Gauge: 22LR
• Brand: CCI
• Bullet weight: 45 gr
• Bullet type: Hollow point
• Velocity (FPS): Muzzle - 970, 50 yards - 906, 100 yards - 852
• Choose quantity: 50 rounds (1 box), 500 rounds (1 brick/10 boxes), 5000 rounds (1 case/100 boxes)


Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the "Mail Order Form" link below.
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