12ga Federal 36gr FS Steel #3 76mm

Buy 12ga Federal 36gr FS Steel #3 76mm in NZ.

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Move over standard steel, there’s a new non-tox in town. Black Cloud featuring the FLITECONTROL wad and FLITESTOPPER steel is unlike any other steel shot ever introduced. The FLITECONTROL wad tightens patterns for long-range effectiveness and FLITESTOPPER steel shot pellets wreak havoc on unsuspecting waterfowl. This product will change the way you view standard steel ammunition. Drop Ducks Like Rain with Black Cloud FS Steel. Use Black Cloud approved aftermarket chokes for even greater pattern performance. 

Gauge: 12
Brand Federal
Maker’s Code: Black Cloud
Quantity: 25 or 250
Shell length: 3"
Shot type: Steel
Shot size: #3
Shot weight: 32 grain / 1 1/4 oz
Velocity: 1450 fps

Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the "Mail Order Form" link below.

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