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The Fun Target Pop-Up Rimfire Target is the perfect accessory for your next plinking or target shooting session. The bright orange, weather resistant powder-coating makes it highly visible in the field, meaning there are no excuses for missing because you couldn't see the target. Complete with four ground stakes to secure the target in the desired spot, this target is reactive, meaning not only you get the instant feedback and satisfying 'PING!' of hitting the target but also a visual as the target is knocked down and pops back up courtesy of the heavy-duty spring-loaded mechanism located behind the target. What does this mean? No more walking down range to reset targets and more time behind the trigger having fun with friends and family.

• Self-resetting steel target
• Tough, weather-resistant powder-coated steel
• For .22 rimfire rifles using solid point rounds
• Includes ground stakes for secure positioning.

Rimfire Target Shooting FAQ
Where can I shoot?
It's best to shoot on private land away from houses, roads, and livestock. You'll also need a backdrop behind the target to catch the bullets - heavy wood is ideal,

How old do I need to be?
To purchase a .22 rimfire rifle you need to hold a current firearms licence, however people of any age can shoot with proper supervision by a licenced person over the age of 18.

How loud is it?
The noise from a rimfire rifle is similar to the cracking of a whip, although some rifles can be fitted with a silencer that will reduce the noise.

Is it safe?
Yes. With careful, responsible use while following basic safety guidelines, shooting a rimfire rifle is safe and fun.

Safety Tips
• Only load the rifle when you are ready to shoot
• Don't touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot
• Always point the rifle in a safe direction
• Always wear safety eyewear.

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