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Item Category: Ammunition > Centrefire Rifle > 7.62x39 >

7.62x39 Czech FMJ Tracer Ammunition.


From NZ$12.99
View 7.62x39 Czech FMJ Tracer Ammunition.

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Exciting new shipment of ammo just landed!!


Czech 7.62x39 Tracer FMJ Ammunition.

Lacquer coated steel case for cost effective reliability and longevity.

Bullet Weight: 120 grains
Projectile: FMJ Steel Core Tracer
Velocity: 2500 fps (approx)
Steel Case: Lacquer coated

Primer: Berdan mercuric


Because this ammunition is military issue they spared no expense on packaging, as a result the ammunition is in pristine condition and will remain so for decades.


Corrosive primed so we recommend a chrome bore (found on SKS’ and AK-47’s) we also recommend cleaning thoroughly after use. ( has some great videos on cleaning after use)


Head stamps vary from BXN 62 through to BXN 77. (1962-1977)


We are offering this in;

20 round single packets $12.99 ($0.65/rnd)

100 rounds 5x packets $54.99 ($0.55/rnd)

500 rounds 25x packets $249.99 ($0.50/rnd)

1220 rounds 61x packets in a sealed steel tin in a wooden crate $549 ($0.45/rnd)

1260 rounds 63x packets in a sealed steel tin in a wooden crate $565 ($0.448/rnd)

1520 rounds 76x packets in a sealed steel tin in a wooden crate $599 ($0.394/rnd)

Check out some of the exciting new SKS, AK47, CZ527 & Norinco JW-103 rifles we are importing, that use this round.


Picture is indicative only. All ammo is in new condition, actual packet, headstamp or crate may vary.


Do not shoot in dry conditions, be sure to consider fire danger when shooting, cannot be shot at public ranges.

Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the "Mail Order Form" link below.

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