7.62x54R Tigr Dragunov Syn Long Range Rifle & SVD Scope

7.62x54R Tigr Dragunov Syn Long Range Rifle & SVD Scope

W-Tigr Dragunov Scope

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*Normal A Licence required*

This is a brand new Russian Dragunov SVD.

Relabelled "Tigr" for the Civilian market worldwide, this rifle was made famous in Vietnam War known as the Dragunov SVD. In the hands of the Vietnamese Snipers it was used up to 1000m!!

The only visible differences between the two is the Flash Hider & 10 round magazine replaced with a 5 round mag. The Military version sometimes was offered in a Wooden Stock instead of the synthetic offered here.

This Civilian version also offers better accuracy than the Military version due to more detail taken in the finishing touches.

Gun City was lucky enough to get hold of the last 620mm barrels available from the factory.

The website SniperCentral lists the officially adopted sniper rifles of 61 countries, and the Dragunov represents 23 of them. The next most popular rifle (SSG-69) has only been adopted by 5 nations.
 Coming into service in 1963 the Russian rifle has become famous. This rugged and absolutely reliable system boasts a heavy-duty milled receiver that won't stop. The reliability of the system, combined with the semi-automatic rate of fire which allows quick follow-up shots if you miss your target the first time, and the hard-hitting 7.62x54R calibre round all make the Dragunov the ideal long range rifle.

This rifle is a valuable investment, a great collector's piece, and a very fun gun to shoot.

Great Calibre for medium to large sized game especially at long range.
Make- Izhmash
Model- Tigr
Calibre- 7.62x54R
Weight- 3.9Kg
Barrel Length- 620mm
Magazine Capacity- 5 rounds

Scope Details
POSP 3-9x42 M - Waterproof Sniper SVD Rifle Scope with illuminated reticle & 1300 m rangefinder.

Designed for shooting with the sniper Military SVD sniper rifles. Built in illuminated reticule grid allows you to determine distance in the twilight. When shooting at fixed targets (height - 0,75m or 1,5m, width - 0,5m) the distance at the range from 300m to 900m may be determined at the same time with arrangement of angles of targeting: introducing of amendment into targeting line is taking place automatically with changing magnification. The sight is hermetically sealed & filled with dry nitrogen.

*Magnification: 3-9x
*Field of View: 5-2.7o
*Field of View at 1000m: 80-40m
*Objective Aperture: 42mm
*Eye Relief: 100-75mm
*Eye Relief Diameter: 10-3.9mm
*Nitrogen Purged: Yes
*Waterproof: Yes
*Reticle: Russian Automatic

*Rangefinding Capability: Yes
*Illuminated Reticle: Yes
*Mount Type: Side mount AK, SKS, SVD, Saiga
*Power Source: 3V (2 x D-357)
*Operating Temperature: +50 to -50oC
*Overall Dimensions: 400x130x75 mm
*Weight: 1.3 kg

This is one of the worlds most reliable gas semi automatic designs.

Buyer must have a current firearms licence and complete a Police order form available from the "Mail Order Form" link below.

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